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Wary Of Dark Nail Polish? Here Are Four Tips to Prevent Staining

The greatest thing about nail polish supplies is that they are available in a limitless assortment of colours so you can always be assured of finding a hue that would match your mood, your outfit and your overall personality. Nevertheless, a major drawback that nail polish enthusiast have to contend with is the subsequent staining that occurs when they apply dark colours on their nails. Luckily, nail discolouration does not have to be part of wearing dark-coloured nail polish. The following list of tips and tricks can help you prevent staining and stop being wary of dark-coloured nail polish.

Tip 1: Be on the lookout for toluene

Toluene is a standard compound in some nail polishes as it an affordable and convenient solvent. Thus, it is not only incorporated in nail polish but is also used in the manufacture of paints, correction fluids, glues and so on. However, the main con of toluene is that it can create a yellowish hue on your nails, especially if you tend to have nail polish on for extended durations. If you always like to have your nails painted, you would be better off veering away from brands that contain toluene.

Tip 2: Let your base coat spill over

When people apply nail polish on their own, they try their best to stay within the boundaries of their nail. Contrary to popular belief, you should let your base coat go beyond the nail and spill over to the cuticle. When the base coat penetrates the cuticle line, it will minimise the risk of your polish staining your nails, as polish colour will not seep into your cuticle.

Tip 3: Apply oil on your cuticle before removal

When your nail polish application is past its shelf life, do not start removing it by just wiping it off. Instead, start off by prepping your nail with some oil. Applying oil around your cuticle will prevent the removal process from staining the edges of your nail. Moreover, the oil also makes it easier for you to get rid of chunks of dead cuticles that may have stuck to the nail during the removal process.

Tip 4: Wipe off your nail polish in one direction

A common mistake people make when removing nail polish is rubbing their cotton pad soaked in remover back and forth on their nails. All this does is spread the pigment around, making it easier for you to stain your nails. Instead, soak a cotton ball with nail polish remover, place it on the nail to absorb the pigment and then swipe the cotton ball down in one direction.