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Pros and Cons of Various Hair Removal Options

Men and women both may want to remove certain patches of body hair, for a smoother appearance and even for comfort, as thick and excessive hair can be scratchy against clothes and may even hold sweat, especially in warmer weather. There are many different ways of removing unwanted body hair, and each will have its own pros and cons. Note a few of those advantages and disadvantages of various body hair removal processes, so you can determine the best choice for yourself.


Shaving is fast and affordable, but shaved hairs do grow back quickly, so you may need to shave the same area repeatedly, even every day. Shaving can leave ingrown hairs, especially if you use an old and dull blade and haven't applied enough shaving foam or cream, as dull blades on dry skin tend to push hairs down, rather than cut them, so these hairs then become ingrown and painful. It's also dangerous to shave areas of the body that you cannot see and reach, such as your groin, back, or shoulders, as you could easily cut your skin with the blade.


Waxing kits are available at any beauty supply store, so you can wax hairs yourself, at home. Waxing pulls hairs out at the roots, and it may then take several days, if not weeks, for that hair to grow back.  

The disadvantage to waxing is that hot wax can cause burns, and repeatedly using the same wax can increase your risk of infection, as that wax may be holding germs and bacteria. Wax can also irritate very sensitive skin, and may not be recommended for those taking certain medications that thin the skin. It can also be dangerous to wax areas of the body you cannot see and which might be especially sensitive, and if you leave bits of wax behind, this can be very unhygienic. A professional working at a salon can ensure that wax is not too hot and that it's removed properly from all areas to which it's applied.


Laser hair removal involves a laser that is applied to the hair's root, which eventually kills that root so the hair won't grow back. This procedure can be uncomfortable and should only be done by a highly-trained technician, so that the skin around the hair is not damaged. While the procedure may be one of the more expensive options, it can also mean permanent hair removal. It can also be best for very fine hairs that cannot be caught by wax, or very thick and coarse hair that doesn't shave very easily.